A recent survey conducted with CEOs from around the globe identified the top 5 challenges CEOs are facing today:

  • Hiring the right talent​
  • Managing changing customer relationships and expectations
  • Staying competitive and creating growth
  • Combating cybersecurity threats
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance

In today’s competitive world, it is becoming even more difficult to conquer these challenges.  The best CEOs are able to do it though.  What's their secret?  They rely on the insight of a seasoned executive coach.

With over 20 years in the high tech industry, it works! has the inside knowledge and hands-on experience to help you conquer each of these challenges head on.  Using ProfileXT®, a highly validated assessment tool, along with a results-focused coaching framework and a portfolio of tool kits designed to face these and many other challenges, we are confident that you’ll achieve a 5-10 times return on your coaching investment.

Here's what some of our clients have to say about us:

​"Dennis had the foresight to help us grow our business in Saudi Arabia.  He recommended an approach no one had ever tried previously.  We followed his advice and hired the first females in high tech in Saudi Arabia.  This bold initiative allowed us to not only attract a very under utilized highly intelligent and motivated workforce, but it also allowed us to continue our exponential growth strategy in the Kingdom.  We became the benchmark for every other high tech company to aspire towards."  M.A.R. Cisco Systems

"I have worked with Dennis during my previous job transition and have the pleasure to continue benefitting from his coaching to plan my career effectively.  Dennis has the unique ability to translate his broad experience to valuable insights for executives who need practical advise in navigating their career transitions.  He is able to understand quickly and very resourceful to help build the right approach to address the challenges.  I would strongly recommend Dennis knowing that he will be very helpful by providing key insights and guidance to your career journey."     O.K. Cisco Systems

​Let it works! arm you with the weapons you require to win the battle.  Contact us today for more details.

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