career transition coaching

strategy and leadership advisory

Is it time to make a change in your career?  Is it time to change the company or industry you're currently working in?  Are you uncertain or afraid to take the steps to make the change a reality because it's been so long since you've been active in the job market?  Is your current CV/Resume getting you the interviews you're expecting?  Are you fully confident in your interviewing and negotiating skills?

Professionals come to it works! when they want to put their dreams into action.  Whether you are looking for a promotion in your current company, or looking to change companies, industries, or even geographies, it works! can help you realize your goals.

Our clients state that it works! helped them to:

·       Be better prepared for the interview process

·       Formulate and present a compelling CV/Resume that stands out from the competition

·       Negotiate a competitive compensation package

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“Dennis’ coaching reignited my confidence and self-esteem.  He helped me to see exactly how valuable I was on the market, and he helped me to secure my dream job.  I couldn't have done it without Dennis' coaching."  CK Orange 

"My coaching sessions with Dennis have been amazing!  He's helped me to understand my value on the market, and has given me the confidence to seek out the new job that I'm looking for."